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It can be hard to know how best to support your child with their homework, finding a balance between being supportive but not too pushy. For many parents it can also be difficult to understand what support their child does need, particularly as they get older. From phonics to algebra, each stage has its own challenges. To help, we’ve compiled some advice for parents and carers.

Prepare….make sure your child has somewhere to complete their homework that is comfortable and free from distractions. Together, try and figure out when they study best. Lots of children work best after a little snack and ‘play’ (age dependent). Others prefer to work after their evening meal or during the morning on a weekend. Also, ensure that materials you need are readily available, so keeping a stash of paper, pens and making sure access to a computer and the internet is available during homework time.

Plan…as they move through the school years, it can become important to help your older child plan their homework effectively. Having an understanding of when more complex tasks or coursework are coming can help you to plan. Equally, make sure that they are breaking study time in to manageable chunks and taking appropriate breaks

Motivate & praise….even if you child is struggling remain positive. Praise the things that they are doing well and always try to reassure them. Celebrate small wins and set manageable targets with your child so that they feel like they are doing well.

Ask……for help. You don’t have to tackle problems with homework alone. Try to get to know the teachers and understand what it is they’re looking for. Attend parents evenings and be sure to flag any issues as early on as possible. You can also find out if the school has any particular homework policies.

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