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What is Parent Hub?

  • Parent Hub is an app, SMS and email service for schools and teachers to communicate with parents.
  • We offer free integration with your school’s MIS (RM Integris, SIMS, ScholarPack, etc), and you can sign up for free at portal.parenthub.co.uk/register.
  • The Parent Hub app is available for free to parents on iPhone and Android devices.
  • Book a free setup and training call with us by clicking here.

Terms and Conditions of free snow day SMS credits offer

     1.1. The offer of free snow day SMS credits with any purchased SMS bundle will remain valid throughout March and April 2018. We may continue the offer after this date, but we reserve the right to withdraw it any time from 1 May 2018 onwards.

     1.2. 1 free text message is considered to be 1 SMS credit.

     1.3. The number of free SMS credits provided for snow-related school updates to parents will be determined by the size of the school, and of the bundle purchased.

     1.4. The free SMS credits can only be claimed against text messages used as part of an existing SMS bundle purchased from Parent Hub.

     1.5. Messages to parents that are eligible for free SMS credits must relate to the opening and/or closure of the school explicitly regarding snow and/or snow-related weather conditions.

     1.6. Eligible SMS credits will be retrospectively added back onto a school’s existing SMS bundle. It is the school’s responsibility to inform Parent Hub that they wish to claim back SMS credits that they believe to be eligible for relief under this offer. Parent Hub agrees to judge all requests fairly, and approval of requests will not be unduly withheld.

     1.7. Free SMS credits cannot be exchanged for money, or be used to discount the price of an SMS bundle.

     1.8. The free SMS credits will remain valid for the duration of the SMS bundle, which is 24 months from the date of purchase, or until the bundle is consumed in full prior to this date.

     1.9. The offer is valid only to UK education establishments using Parent Hub linked to their MIS (RM Integris, SIMS, ScholarPack, etc).


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