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The countdown to Christmas is on! If you’re starting to think about how you can express your gratitude to your child’s teacher, in the form of Christmas gift, you may also be worrying about striking the right tone – not always the easiest of tasks.

To help you in your quest for the perfect present, we have put together five golden rules to consider, before you buy a present for a teacher:

  1. Can they use it – most teachers we speak to say they would prefer a gift they could use. If you know your child’s teacher likes a particular type of chocolate, or enjoys unwinding with a nice glass of wine, then something along those lines could make a nice gift. Other practical gifts include some really nice stationary, or if a few parents wants to club together, a gift card could be used for a variety of items.
  2. Is it appropriate – it is best to steer clear of gifts that are trying to be too funny or could easily be misconstrued. The last thing you or your child want is to inadvertently cause offence.
  3. Make it personal – They take just a few minutes to write, but teachers treasure thoughtful notes from parents and students forever.  Speak to most teachers and they will probably be able to tell you all about a memorable note or card they received from a student. Adding some sentiments in as a parent or carer is also a really valuable way to convey your thanks and appreciation.
  4. Avoid tea/coffee cups –  There are some lovely and very appropriate cups and mugs on the market, but think about it.  Even if a teacher receives just three mugs a year, how many will they accumulate in five years?  Few of us have that much cupboard space.


We would love to hear what, if any, Christmas gift you decide on buying or if you are a teacher get in touch to let us know the best gift you have ever received from a student. Visit our twitter account @parenthub_uk or find us on Facebook.

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