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January is the perfect time to make plans for year ahead. As families adjust back into the school routine after Christmas, why not make some family resolutions for the coming weeks and months ? We’ve rounded up some of our favourite ideas below to help get you started.

  1. Unplug – with new research about screen time for children being released this month you might be wondering what limits you should be imposing on your child’s device usage. This is a tricky balance for lots of families and research is inconclusive. Instead of focusing just on the time your children spend using screens why not make a resolution to ‘unplug’ as a family. Set aside a few hours on a designated day each week to go without the gadgets and spend time together walking, reading or playing a board game. Read more about the latest screen time research here.
  2. Get cooking – cooking is something the whole family, no matter the age, can get involved in in some way. The new year can be a great time to resolve to cook together and get healthy. Whether it is sitting as a family to plan your meals for the week, going veggie once a week or having the kids make a family meal, try to think of ways you can focus on food as a family. Eat well from the NHS has some helpful advice around healthy eating and a balanced diet.
  3. Read – research is conclusive, reading with your children at home from a young age gives a major boost to future literacy. Commit to fitting in a bed time story each night for younger children and to discussing your latest reads with older children. For more resources about literacy and reading visit the National Literacy Trust.
  4. Go eco-friendly – A fun and useful family mission could be a great way to learn and to help the planet. With mounting focus on the ‘plastic problem’ why not work together as a family to reduce your plastic waste? There are load of great home learning opportunities to be had by doing this and you’ll be doing something good at the same time. the WWF has some great ideas on how you can easily reduce plastic, take a look.
  5. Finally – one for the parents. Accept that you are doing your best and that’s OK. Parenting is tough and us parents can often be our own harshest critics. This year, make sure you take time to remind yourself that you’re doing a great job!

We’d love to hear your ideas for family resolutions. Get in touch and share your thought on twitter @parenthub_uk or email hello@parenthub.pleasecheck.me

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