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At Parent Hub we believe that parents are very powerful people. How a parent supports & raises a child will have a profound effect on their entire life. One of the most important areas where a parent can support their child is in their schooling; when parents are involved and engaged in education children not only enjoy school more but they perform better too.

So, we know how important parents are but reaching every parent and engaging with them is sometimes easier said than done. If your New Year’s resolution is to improve parental engagement we’ve compiled some top tips to help.

  1. Communication is a two way street…

Schools achieve most when they involve parents, but the relationship needs to work  both ways. Just as teachers urge parents to take an interest in their child’s homework, so teachers need to listen to parents views and concerns. Encourage parents to give feedback and ask them for their input and opinions regularly.

  1. Don’t leave it all to parents’ evening….

Building a strong two-way relationship between school & home isn’t always easy. Many parents don’t feel a natural connection with teachers, some don’t like the school environment and others are unable to attend regular face-to-face meetings. Look for quick and easy ways to stay in touch with parents throughout the year. A good school website, strong social media presence and home-school messaging apps can all help keep the conversation flowing and get parents involved.

  1. Communicate clearly….

Avoid using terminology and acronyms and remember that a parent might not be as comfortable with the ins and outs of the curriculum as you are. Speak in language that is easy to understand and be clear and concise. For those parents that are keen to delve deeper, point them in the direction of good quality web resources where they can find out more.

  1. Be positive……..

With tight constraints on time it can be easy to get in the habit of only reaching out to parents when something is going wrong. Rather than just highlighting the negatives when speaking to parents try to make time to report on the positives too. Let parents know what is working well and what they can build on at home and celebrate the great things going on in your classroom

  1. Stay calm ….

Once you’ve reached parents you may sometimes be faced with an unhappy parent. Don’t panic, stay calm and always, always keep your cool. More than likely the parent is frustrated or confused. Try to find out what the root of the problem is and to understand what their concerns or worries are. Once you’ve discovered the issue put a plan in place to work with the parent and avoid the same problem happening again.

Any ideas we haven’t covered? We want to know what is working for you so get in touch via twitter @parenthub_uk and share with us your plans to #reacheveryparent.

To make the task a little easier Parent Hub have now launched a FREE account for schools. Our aim is to help even more teachers all over the country use our app to improve their parent communication. We’d love your support in getting the message out and setting as many schools as possible on the journey to #reacheveryparent.

If you’d like to show your support get behind our Thunderclap by visiting: https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/52039-parent-hub-for-schools-launch?locale=en

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