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“Parent Hub has worked very well for us as a school. We are able to communicate quickly and effectively with parents.”

Simon Morley, Headteacher, Boston West Academy

“I am very impressed with Parent Hub’s functionality and ease of use.”

Maxine Hall, Business Manager, Mill Lane Primary School


I started Parent Hub with one aim: to help schools shift the needle for their students by having amazing communication with parents.

Since then, I’ve sat in thousands of hours of meetings with developers, spoken to hundreds of school leaders, and travelled all over the country to meet people at the forefront of parental engagement.

This summer has been no different; Parent Hub HQ has been a (virtual) hive of activity as we’ve been getting ready for the 2021-22 school year, delivering new features to give every school the tools they need to engage their parent community.

With 400 schools now on board and growing, the vision is coming together – but this is just the start.

Through COVID we saw a huge spike in sending, as more than ever schools needed to harness the power of successful parental communication.


So, if you understand the value of great communication with parents, and want to supercharge things at your school, here are five ways Parent Hub can help you:


1. Keep communication flowing

We make sure the right person gets the right message at the right time.

With Parent Hub, it’s easy to clean your data. Mum, Granny Jones and Aunty Betty all want messages? No problem.

Do you need to see who is engaging with messages? No problem.

Want to send automatic follow-ups, or schedule reminders? No problem.

We help you reach everyone quickly and effectively, and free up your time in the process.


2. Form habits that make parents’ lives easier

We’re all creatures of habit, and parents are no different.

Your aim should be to make communication from school a habit for parents. It should be automatic – like checking email or scrolling through Facebook.

The good news is that because it’s so easy, Parent Hub forms habits – on average, a parent taps into our app 3.7 times a day during the week!

Once parents are in the flow of communicating with you then everything becomes better – in the words of Varinka Strong, the SBM at Swanwick Primary School Parent Hub:

“(with Parent Hub we have) quick, efficient, fast responses from parents”


3. Put communications and payments in the same place 

We know your pain.

The hassle of creating payment requests in one platform, then logging into another to tell parents about it. It’s a faff for you, and it’s a faff for your parents.

They’re busy, and you’re busy, so you should aim to simplify things and remove as many barriers as you can.

With Parent Hub, you can provide the communication and payment method in the same message. Within 3 clicks, a parent can receive the message and make the payment.

This is new to Parent Hub and it’s a game-changer – because it’s so simple! With communication and payments working together in one place, you’ll see your payment compliance skyrocket ???

✅ No setup fee

✅ Powered by Stripe

✅ Ready-to-go in ten minutes

Just click here to book a demo and see how easy it is.


4. Improve learning outcomes

A school with Good parental communication is described as follows by Ofsted:

“The school works well with parents, including those who might find working with the school difficult, to achieve positive benefits for pupils”

Parent Hub exists to help you achieve those benefits for your pupils, and communication with parents is a key part of this. If your current communication system doesn’t help you improve learning, then it requires improvement.

We enable you to make parent communications a whole-school teaching and learning initiative – giving teachers and all staff the option to send messages and build relationships. It couldn’t be easier to share learning with parents, so they can engage at home and partner in their child’s journey. And we know that engaged parents leads to better outcomes for young people.


5. Save time 

Schools are multi-million-pound organisations with thousands of stakeholders. Headteachers and business managers are balancing plates!

From speaking to hundreds of school leaders we know robust systems are critical, they allow leaders to focus on the most important issues.

At Parent Hub, we’re obsessed with saving you time! Everything we do is designed to make our process easier.

✅ Fast sending

✅ No character limits

✅ Automated follow-ups

✅ Data at your fingertips

✅ Simple sign up process

I’ll leave the last word to Lisa Watson, PA to the Headteacher at Binbrook CofE Primary School

“Parenthub is so easy to use, it is a fantastic way to be able to communicate with parents/carers. I use it daily to send home reminders, letters. We would have been completely lost without Parenthub during the COVID lockdown.”


We’d love you to come on this journey with us. To join our growing community of 400+ schools, tap here to book a demo with us, or get in touch via hello@parenthub.co.uk

Thanks for reading, and we hope to chat soon


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