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The start of a new academic year is a whirlwind.

New classes, new ideas, new names to learn, new lessons to plan…new parents to engage!

Although we haven’t planned your lessons for you Crying Face Emoji we do have parental engagement covered Smiley Face Emoji. If you were one of the fantastic teachers using Parent Hub with your class last term you can pass your channel onto their new teacher, handing over a group of parents ready and waiting to be engaged!

Who knows, there may well be a colleague with channel for you too!

Handing over a channel couldn’t be simpler and we’ve written a handy little guide here to help you. All you need is your colleague’s email address.


Sharing your channel

1. Open up the members menu in the sidebar of your channel. If you’re doing this on a mobile or tablet then just look for the  Cog Icon  icon in the top right hand corner.

2. Type your colleague’s email into the Add a staff member box and hit the Invite to Parent Hub button. If they’re already on Parent Hub their name will appear and you can just hit the little plus button.

3. Your colleague will receive an email with some joining instructions. All they need to do is register with the email you entered and accept the invite that’s waiting for them.

4. Once they’ve registered and accepted your invite they’ll be able to post in your channel and manage parents. You’ll see them in the staff members list as soon as they’re in.


Invite Members Walkthrough


Leaving the channel

When you set up a channel you become the channel’s administrator. Before you can leave the channel you need to hand this privilege over to another staff member.

1. Click on the  Admin Icon_Transparent  icon next to your colleague’s name. Click OK on the confirmation message that pops up and you’ll notice that the icon now looks like this Admin Icon . Your colleague is now an admin.

2. Go to the My Channels screen (link in the left-hand menu) and you’ll notice a  Leave Channel  icon next to the channel name. Click this to leave the channel.

If you’re still involved with last year’s class you can of course choose to remain a member of this channel and keep posting alongside your new staff member.


As always we’d love to hear how you’re getting on with Parent Hub and so, if you have any great ideas, advice or new stuff you’d like to see, please get in touch!


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