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The summer holidays are here and the break is a great time to think about well being for the whole family. Follow our top five tips and let us know how you’ll be relaxing this summer.

  1. Create a family bucket list – this could be a great way to start your holidays, give you focus for the break and also allow you to discuss your interests as a family. Brainstorm together and agree on your top priorities, don’t over commit yourself so choose between 5 & 10 items for your list. If it goes well you could always create a new bucket list for the following year. Make sure the list is visible so that it can be something you come back to and discuss throughout the summer.
  2. Consider practising mindfulness – this is a scientifically-proven meditation technique that can help to combat stress.  A simple minute of mindful breathing is a good way to start. There are some great free apps and websites that can help get you started and provide some guidance for beginners.
  3. Get Active – Look for ways to stay active individually and as a family. If your children have interests in active hobbies do your best to keep encouraging these over the break from school. Take time for your own active pursuits so that you’re a positive role model. Look for ways to get active as a family, a walk, trips to the park or even just spending time in the garden.
  4. Communicate – Share worries and seek out support from friends and family. Talk to one another and importantly listen to each other too. Try to share successes and celebrate when good things happen as well as talking through difficult situations. The summer break can be the perfect time to work on ensuring that home is an environment where discussion is encouraged.
  5. Switch off  –  Whether it’s keeping up to date with current affairs, browsing social media, watching a favourite programme or checking work emails mobile phones, tablets and the TV are a huge part of everyday life. However, switching off and  undertaking a family digital detox can be a great way to take time out and focus on quality family time.  Try replacing time normally spent watching TV or checking social media with active time and get your kids to do the same. Aim to turn off all screens for an hour before bed to help you unwind and prepare for sleep and consider removing devices from the bedrooms entirely. With this one its really important that parents lead by example so try, where possible, to avoid checking emails etc during your family times.


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