What is Parent Hub?

Parent Hub is a communications platform designed for use by teachers and parents. It makes it possible for teachers to share with parents regular updates about the learning that’s happening in their classroom.

We’re on a mission to totally transform the way that schools and teachers communicate with parents: driving a step-change away from generic broadcasts from the school office, towards frequent, relevant, teacher-led messaging about learning and the ways in which parents can get involved.

We call this Parental Engagement for Learning and we believe it has the power to skyrocket student outcomes.

Is it really free?

Yep! Always free for schools, teachers and parents.

Teachers can create as many channels, invite as many parents and post as many messages as they like. All free.

In the future we’ll have some paid upgrades designed for whole school use, but the basics of school-home communication will continue to be free.

What devices is Parent Hub available on?

The answer to this question depends on who you are!..

Teachers and other school staff access Parent Hub through our web portal (which you can access here). This means you can access it on any device – laptops, tablets, smartphones or even your Xbox!

Parents should download the Parent Hub app from their app store. Parent Hub is available for both iPhone and Android.